Pastor Sent by Jehovah Gweno to save Africans from Israel’s God

Bungoma Prophet, Nabii Yohana says he has been sent by a stronger force that controls the whole earth to save Africans from Yahweh, the Israelite’s God. Nabii Yohana has warned of the impending Jehova Gweno’s wrath on Africans if they continue worshipping Israel’s false God. According to Nabii Yohana, Jehovah Gweno commands man to have 48 wives and not one as it is done in the modern world. The Bungoma prophet has revealed of false gods brought by the white man to fully manipulate Africans warning that Jehovah Gweno will punish those who do not turn off from such gods.

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So Nabii -which is Swahili for prophet- Yohana. He is married to 39 wives, has 103 children and 232 grandchildren. He claims that Jehovah Gweno has directed him to marry up to 48 wives to avoid committing adultery. Nabii Yohana urges men to marry many wives considering now that the global ratio of men to women is 98 males to 100 women.

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