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Drunk driving not an offence in Kenya, court rules


A Kiambu Court has made a landmark ruling stating that drunk driving is not an offence as long as the driver is in control of the vehicle.

Kiambu Senior Resident Magistrate Bryan Khaemba made the ruling in a case where a motorist, Michael Ngobe Mugo, was charged with the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The court ruled that, for a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol to stand, the prosecution has to adduce evidence that a motorist cannot control the vehicle.

Mr. Mugo was charged that on May 23, 2018 at 8p.m on Banana-Ruaka road within Kiambu, he drove while under the influence hence did not have proper control of his vehicle.

A traffic police officer who testified in the case stated that the accused overpowered them (himself and two of his colleagues) hence they were unable to arrest him.

“Such is not conduct expected of a person who is alleged to be too drunk to control a motor vehicle,” read the ruling

While dismissing the case, the court said the accused was not affected by the alcohol, adding that that was why the officers were not able to arrest him.

“The upshot is that I find that the State was unable to establish a prima facie case against the accused for failing to adduce evidence on the control of the said vehicle or lack of it,” ruled Magistrate Khaemba.

The court further noted that driving under the influence of alcohol is not an offense

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Breaking News:Plane crashes in Makutano Forest


A plane, on Wednesday, crashed in Makutano Forest in Londiani,

Kericho County.
Confirming the incident, Rift Valley Police Commander Edward
Mwamburi stated that five people were feared dead.
The police are however yet to give details on the number of casualties.

Mwamburi disclosed that police and rescue teams were headed to the

The plane reportedly developed a mechanical problem before hitting a

The incident comes days after two planes collided at JKIA during

Luckily, no injuries were reported during the incident.

Photos shared on social media showed one aircraft with a damaged
nose while the other had a damaged wing.
During the crash in Londiani, residents gathered at the scene to try to
save the injured, but they weren’t successful.

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Breaking News:Activist Omtata seeks court interpretation on Ruto’s ownership of Weston Hotel Land


There will be a sigh of relief if Court rules in favor of activist Okiya Omtata petition seeking for the demolition of Weston Hotel in a period not exceeding 414 hours.

Activist Okiya Omtata demands Deputy President William Ruto be compelled by court of law in apologizing to the public for handling stolen property.


In a statement, Activist Omtata says “This is the same problem other Kenyans are facing with titles that were issued on govt land or riparian land without the buyer’s knowledge. Their properties are being brought down. So if Ruto was not aware of any anomalies with the title that does not hold any water if we have to go by what other Kenyans are dealing with on the same matter”

The ownership of the controversial Weston Hotel was finally put to rest after Ahmednassir Abdullahi, the lawyer for the Deputy President William Ruto, disclosed how the land was purchased.

“Our client is a bona fide purchaser for value. If there is any defect on the title, our client was not aware of it. The allottee has a valid grant obtained from Government, on which was endorsed the transfer to our client,” Ahmednassir told court.

Deputy President William Ruto has admitted that the land on which Weston Hotel sits was illegally acquired by the original owner.

He said he purchased the 0.773 ha plot legally as an “innocent purchaser”.

During an Interview on BBC’s Hardtalk, Ruto said it is unfortunate that the saga surrounding the acquisition of the land has been amplified to “imply that the hotel occupies half of Nairobi”.

“For the record, the National Land Commission has made a finding that Weston was an innocent purchaser for value from somebody who got it illegally and reparations have been made constitutionally to restore the land to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. Those who sold the land to us must pay,” he said.

Last month the commission said it had established that the DP’s Weston Hotel is built on public land belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The commission wants Ruto compelled to pay for the plot opposite Wilson Airport at the current market rate.

Last year it was valued at Sh300 million.

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Job and Internship Opportunities at Ministry of Environment, and Natural Resources


Ministry of Environment, and Natural Resources – To facilitate good governance in the protection, restoration, conservation, development and management of the environment and natural resources for equitable and sustainable development.

Communication Internship

Job Details

  • Assisting in building corporate relations;
  • assisting in developing content on topical issues for uploading onto the Ministry’s website, Information Education Communication (IEC) materials and undertaking media monitoring;
  • Assisting in the preparation of media reviews, briefs, press releases/statements and supplements; assisting in maintaining public relations records and documents; and
  • Participating in event organization.


  • Required specialization: news media, digital media and social media
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following disciplines:-Mass Communication, Public Relations, Communication Studies or Media Studies/Science from a recognized institution;


  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with a Postgraduate Diploma: in Mass Communication, Public Relations, Communication Studies or Media Studies/Science from a recognized institution;
  • Be well organized, with proficiency in the, use of digital and social media platforms;
  • Have-a certificate in computer application skins from a recognized institution.

 click apply button to process application

ICT Internship

Job Details

  • Assisting in analyzing, designing, coding, testing, implementing computer programs and providing user support;
  • Assisting in maintaining support systems and training of users;
  • Assisting in repairing and maintaining of Information Communication Technology equipment and associated peripherals;
  • Assisting in receiving, installing and certifying of Information Communication Technology equipment; and
  • Assisting in configuring new Information Communication Technology equipment.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Communications and Technology and any other relevant course from a recognized institution.

Below click apply button to apply

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New Jobs and Internships at Oasis Healthcare


Oasis Healthcare Group is currently looking for a qualified and dedicated individual to fill the following vacancy.

Procurement Internship

Reporting to the Procurement Officer, the successful candidate will learn and gain practical experience on the job by supporting the procurement team in the delivery of services efficiently and effectively.


  • Assist the procurement officer in reviewing requisition orders to verify accuracy and specifications.
  • Prepare, maintain and review purchasing files, reports and price lists.
  • Calculate costs of orders and forward invoices to the Accounts Department.
  • Issuing and receiving stock.
  • Assist in stock taking, inventory and reconciliation
  • Assist in preparation of purchase orders.
  • Track the status of requisitions, contracts and orders.
  • Perform buying duties whenever necessary.
  • Filing of all the important documents.


  • Diploma / Degree in Commerce or Business Management – Procurement & Logistics option.
  • Must be of high integrity
  • Comfortable with computer applications


The Internship shall run for a non-renewable period of six months and the successful candidate shall receive a monthly stipend during this period.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified? Send in your application by clicking the Apply button below or above written Apply…

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Officers living in police stations won’t be evicted, Gov’t tells court.


The Government has agreed not to evict officers residing within police stations.

This emerged during the mention of a case filed by Okiya Omtata.

Omtata sought to have the notice requiring officers living within police stations to vacate by February 3, 2019 suspended.

The consent was registered before Justice Chacha Mwita.

On September 13 last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta abolished the policy of mandatory and free housing for junior officers.

Housing allowances for police was introduced, a move expected to solve the accommodation crisis in the police service.

According to the Head of State, this would also help integrate police officers with other Kenyans.

The officers living in the said quarters were then asked to vacate the premises within 90 days of the new allowances.

However, Omtata moved to the Milimani High Court on September 14, 2018 arguing that only the Inspector General of Police has the power to issue such orders and not the President.


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Three dead along kisumu maseno road just before maseno University


Three dead along ksm maseno road just before maseno University.Those going to siaya and it’s boarders please use alternative routes

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William Ruto admits Weston Hotel land was illegally acquired


Deputy President William Ruto has now, for the first time, acknowledged that the land that his Weston Hotel sits on was illegally acquired.

Speaking on BBC HARDtalk show hosted by Stephen Sackur, the Deputy President said he “innocently” bought the land from its original owners, who had “illegally” obtained it.

Mr Ruto, however, says he is doing everything possible to ensure that the illegalities are corrected.

“Tell me about the Weston Hotel, which you own, which is worth an awful worth of money, and which is sitting on illegally acquired land,” Mr Sackur posed the question to Mr Ruto.

“Weston Hotel is a big story…,” said the DP, who, was thereafter, interrupted by the host.

“It is, Kenyans are following very closely; and maybe [that is] why you are top of that [Ipsos] poll [which placed you at the top of the list of leaders Kenyans perceive to be most corrupt]…,” said Mr Sackur.

“You would want to believe that Weston Hotel occupies half of Nairobi. Weston Hotel sits on 0.7 hectares of land…,” responded Mr Ruto.

Mr. Sackur, however, chimed in before the DP could complete his statement: “Illegally acquired land, which actually belongs to the Civil Aviation Authority, and then you miraculously acquired it and built a hotel

“For your information, Weston Hotel was bought…,” replied Mr Ruto.

“Illegally?” insisted Mr Sackur.

The Deputy President, thereafter, let the cat out of the bag, admitting that the Weston land was, indeed, illegally acquired – by its original owners.

“Not bought illegally. In fact, for the record, the National Land Commission has made a finding that Weston was an innocent purchaser for value from somebody who got it illegally, and preparations have been made constitutionally to restore that land to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority by demanding that those who sold the land to us must pay,” said the Deputy President.

According to KCAA’s legal services manager, Cyril Wayong’o, the land where Weston Hotel sits on, originally belonged to the East Africa Community which collapsed in 1977.

It had been developed and was being used as storage premises for the machinery and aviation equipment of the then Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA).

However, on June 29, 1999, then-Commissioner of Lands, Sammy Mwaita, wrote to the Directorate of Civil Aviation, indicating he had received an application from a church group that wanted to build a church on the site.

Lawyer Ahmed Abdullahi who represents the DP, told the national land commissioners that Mr Ruto acquired the land in 2007 for Ksh.10 million from Priority Management Ltd and Monene Investments Limited.

NLC, in its recommendations, said they could not verify if the process of land allocation was illegal as none of the parties had presented evidence before it.

NLC, however, went ahead, to confirm that the controversial Weston land belonged to KCAA.


In the BBC interview, the DP also addressed claims that Kenyans perceive him to be the “most corrupt” politician in the country.

“If you look at that Ipsos list that placed me as a leader perceived to be the most corrupt, it had William Ruto, a former president [Daniel Moi], the current president Uhuru Kenyatta, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga… Largely, all the political leaders that exist today in Kenya were in that order. That tells you that the whole corruption narrative has been politicized,” said Mr Ruto.

“We have the fight against corruption on the eyeball. The country today believes that this [Jubilee] administration is serious about the fight against corruption. And, there are results that are clearly bearing fruits; the number of prosecutions, the number of convictions; if they are anything to go by, then it tells you that the country has changed the trajectory on matters to do with corruption,” added the DP.

When asked to state his net worth, the DP declined, saying: “That information is available in public domain. I encourage you to Google and find out what William Ruto owns. I am prepared to tell you where to find that information, Sackur.”

The host, Mr Sackur, chimed in, saying: “Do you think that information you are telling me makes any sense?”

The DP replied: “Of course, it does. It doesn’t make sense to you?

Mr. Sackur, in response, said: “Not really, because you do not want to tell me how much you are worth, [yet you say it is in public domain]?”

The DP, seemingly, worked up, said: “Why don’t you do your homework?”

“I am very keen on doing my homework,” said Mr Sackur.

“Please, do your homework and get the numbers,” said the DP.

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Ford Kenya to Boni Khalwale: Relinquish the deputy party leader position and go away quietly.

Ford Kenya Party which is associated with Senator Wetangula has asked former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale to pack up and leave after falling out with the party leadership.
“He is a seasoned politician who fully understands what the party rules and regulations are as well as the requirements of the Political Parties Act. He should feel free to leave since his heart is elsewhere,” Simiyu said.

Dr. Khalwale has been criss crossing the vast Western region drumming support for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential quest at the expense of his party boss Senator Moses Wetang’ula, who is also believed to be eyeing the top seat.

Wetang’ula has said he was ready to give the presidency a stab even if it means going it alone since he has the blessing of party members.

Defiant Khalwale has been categorical that he will personally lead Ruto’s campaigns in Western region to guarantee the DP an edge over his competitors in the tough race.

He insists Ruto is a front-runner in the race and could just pull a surprise by beating rivals to win the election and form the next government.

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Sakaja Claims That Mike Sonko Is Killing The Future Of Nairobi Youths

A file photo of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, former Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe and Senator Johnson Sakaja during the launch of their manifesto at KICC.

Nairobi Senator Sakaja has blamed Mike Sonko for giving bloggers handouts and alcohol to get a defense on social media where he has not performed. Hon Sakaja says that over the past few months Sonko has invested much in online heckling compared to the county development. Recently, Nairobi County Government was ranked the worst performing County compared to Kisumu and Mombasa. In a statement, Sakaja faults Mike Sonko of paying bloggers to tarnish any one’s name who criticizes him of his poor leadership.

Sakaja says there is nothing significant Sonko has done apart from providing drugs in bulk to youth.The senator has threatened to sue Sonko over defamatory statements against city politicians and how he influences innocent youth with alcohol and illegal narcotics.Among the bloggers who call themselves Nairobi Mini bloggers Sonko uses include, Geofrey Mosiria, IG Maumau, Kennie Balo and Liz Mkambe.

He also refered to the dismal performance of the city in the recent poll.This is after City residents opined that households’ welfare had not improved in the last four months despite devolution, with 40 per cent of Nairobians saying it had remained the same.A report released by a research firm based the findings on thematic areas such as Street lighting, clean water, ECDE, Environmental, cleanliness, County health, services, trade, environment, Youth polytechnics, market centres, bursaries, feeder roads and Sewerage systems as service delivery indicators.Trade and Insights For Africa (TIFA) Research Company, in its report launched yesterday in Nairobi, placed Kisumu as the best performing County with a score card of 56 per cent (C+) followed by Mombasa 53 per cent (C) and lastly Nairobi County with a score of 44 per cent (D+).

The poll which was conducted between May 1 and May 4 saw a total of 1500 residents from the various Counties interviewed and also focused on areas such as uptake of NHIF in households and food security.Respondents were interviewed through face to face and telephonic interviews.Poor sewerage systems which were rated at 31 per cent, were cited as the main challenge facing Nairobi compared to Kisumu and Mombasa rated at 44 per cent and 43 per cent respectively.“Nairobi residents were dissatisfied with the sewerage system because a majority of the sewer lines were blocked, lacked proper planning, lacked proper maintenance and were polluted,” said TIFA Chief Executive Officer, Maggie Ireri through the report.In the recent past, Nairobi has had to bear the brunt of the heavy rains after it flooded due to poor drainage leading to destruction of property and health hazards.

Poor state of the roads (34 per cent) were the second biggest challenge due to lack of maintenance of feeder roads, closure of the roads and the same being too congested leading to traffic snarl ups. Kisumu (47 per cent) and Mombasa (53 per cent) are reported to have better roads.Lack of Environmental cleanliness attributed to air pollution, garbage and poor drainage also saw Nairobi (35 per cent) rated third behind Kisumu (59 per cent) and Mombasa (42 per cent).Interestingly, Nairobi had outdone Mombasa in the provision of clean water despite the ongoing water rationing programme attributed to low-water levels at Ndakaini damn which is the County’s main supplier.“Reasons for dissatisfaction with water provision in Nairobi is the fact that there is water rationing, water from our taps is not clean, there is interference by water cartels and the cost of metered water is expensive,” stated Ireri. Access to County health services however remained low compared to the other two counties with a majority of residents concerned by the lack of drugs.

Twenty-nine percent of City residents were also dissatisfied with the quality of medical staff and another 24 percent indicating that too much time was spent at the health facilities while seeking treatment. Few staff attending to patients, poor health infrastructure facilities and the fact that the facilities charged for drugs were also key among the resident’s complaints.In terms of having a favorable trade environment, Mombasa was tipped to be the best (60 per cent) followed by Kisumu (56 per cent) with Nairobi trailing with 48 per cent. Reasons for an unfavorable trade environment in the Capital City were cited as high license fees, constant harassment from County officials and the charging of too many licences.In other areas such as street lighting, Mombasa (67 per cent) was cited to have done the most, followed by Kisumu (65 per cent) and Nairobi (62 per cent).

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Sudi tells Orengo not to dare Murkomen in court.


Kapseret Member of parliament,Oscar Sudi has dismissed opposition lawyers referring to them as a bunch of sycophants and hecklers. Speaking in a Nairobi Hotel today,Sudi has criticised Mombasa Governor,Ali Hassan for hiding behind The Orange Democratic Movement Lawyers to traffic drugs.

Oscar Sudi has urged James Orengo not to try Kipchumba Murkomen in a court of law insisting that the law is equal to everyone.”For a long time, our friends in the opposition have kept on lying to themselves that they are superior in the legal field.I will not shy from them at all” Sudi said.

Oscar Sudi has maintained his earlier remarks that Ali Hassan Joho, Babu Owino and Mike Sonko are the masterminds of drug trafficking in East Africa.The Kapseret Member of Parliament insists that he will not apologize to Ali Hassan Joho at whatever costs.

“The only discussion I will entertain with the drug lords must be in a court of law where I have a battalion of lawyers ready to circumcise them. Opposition lawyers are overrated” Sudi added.

The Kapseret legislator has also urged the opposition Chief, Raila Odinga to stop protecting drug lords in the country. He has threatened to expose a list of drug traffickers protected by The Orange Democratic Movement if Hassan Joho will not apologize to Kenyans within a period of one week.

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Meet Ouma Allan , a self made politician


Ouma Allan, from Bungoma county, Bukhayo East-ward is a self-made politician. Aged 27, he does not believe in what he calls the “good luck theory”, which attributes success to chance and friendly circumstances. He believes that “opportunity is important but exertion is indispensable”. It is not luck that makes a man a self-made man, but considerable physical and mental effort.

In 2013 and 2017 elections consecutive years in Kenya, he vied for Member of County and Member of Parliament respectively. He successfully failed in the two elections consolidating to what he defiles a good luck theory. In respect to relationship law that requires a man to do several horizontal Engineering entertainments for a wife to emanate a child, he doesn’t lose hope in what he believes in thereby Franchising his bid for 2022 MCA Seat.

Given a chance to hold the office, untarmacked roads, expensive hospital bills, unextended electricity privy, non-school going children and laming infrastructural facilities will only be heard in dreams for the residents of the Bukhaya East Ward.

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Woman found dead after exposing her ‘mpango wa kando’ nudes on facebook


A 33 year old woman,Ruth Wamaitha has been found dead after exposing her secret lover’s nudes on facebook.Ruth Wamaitha in a statement on her facebook page wrote ” James Muruiru Chege lied to me that he is not married but just realized today he has a wife”.

Ruth Wamaitha’s facebook post went viral attracting various reactions from Kenyans on social media.She received criticisms from social media users who accused her of being insensitive.Majority of the women fraternity of a facebook group,Kilimani Moms and Dads appeared to support Ruth’s post blaming James Chege for not being faithful to his wife.

At 11:59 am,Ruth’s body was found lying lifeless at Sego,State House slum.Her body has been rushed to Chiromo mortuary pending investigation into the matter.It is not yet declared who is behind the sudden denise of the mother of two.

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Sudi demands to know Raila’s circumcision date


Oscar Sudi now demands to know the date the opposition Chief,Raila Odinga was circumcised. In a statement, the Kapseret Member of Parliament says the opposition should come forward and tell Kenyans the exact date Raila Odinga underwent the knife.

“We cannot be kept in darkness for long.If they are men enough let them give us the right information as no records in our hospitals confirms our worries” Sudi said.

The Kapseret legislator for the past one week has been attacking the opposition linking the party’s top officials to drug trafficking in the country. He outrightly pointed out Ali Hassan Joho and Babu Owino as the key drug lords in the country threatening to take legal action against them.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has sued the Kapseret member of Parliament over his remarks. He has also demanded an apology from the Member of Parliament.

Oscar Sudi has however dismissed JoJo’s move insisting that he has enough evidence to table before a court of law with the aid of Kipchumba Murkomen as his lawyer.

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Oscar Sudi Questions Babu Owino’s source of wealth.


Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi has questioned the source of wealth for Embakasi East member of Parliament, Babu Owino. In a statement, the legislator links the Embakasi East Member of Parliament to the drug trafficking business in Kenya.

Oscar Sudi further says Babu Owino is involved in money laundering. He threatens to seek court’s intervention and force the Embakasi East legislator to declare his wealth publicly.

“You cannot be fresh from the University and lie to us that you have already made money to run for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat.We all know Babu Owino is deeply following in the footsteps of Ali Hassan Joho” Oscar Sudi quipped.

Oscar Sudi has urged government detectives to arrest Babu Owino and determine his exact deals in Nairobi. The MP has also urged the government to freeze accounts belonging to the Embakasi East legislator until he is through with investigations.

“I will not relent in the fight against drug cartels.Let Babu Owino, Mike Sonko and Hassan Joho understand that i mean business” Oscar Sudi added.


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Sudi Links Sonko To Kenya’s Drugs Network. Calls For His Arrest

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi called on the government to hasten extradition of suspects sought by FBI for alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

Kapseret member of the National Assembly Oscar Sudi has criticized embattled Nairobi governor Mike Sonko over illegal Businesses.

Mr Sudi, a vocal supporter of Deputy President William Ruto has said that it is time for Uhuru to direct the office of DCI to launch investigations over Sonko,s drug trafficking.This happens as dirty war of words between a section of Jubilee MPs from North Rift with their Opposition counterparts in a bid to defend their camp leaders’ reputations seems to be far from over.

Sudi, however, did not produce any evidence to his claims, neither has the Nairobi governor been charged over the same.

According to a European Union-funded report released last month powerful politicians are emerging as lead traffickers of heroin.The report also indicates that heroin trade and use has hit a new peak in Africa.“In Kenya, which one could characterize as a market where there is ‘multi-polar competition,’ drug traffickers have either campaigned directly for political office or are often linked to political interests,” states the report.

In April and November last year, the Australian navy seized two consignments of heroin off the coast of Kenya,Linked to governor Sonko, totalling 787 kg and worth about USD278m.

Sudi says Governor Mike Sonko should be suspected to be behind the importation of Cocaine and Heroine

Another haul was made in July when Kenyan police found 342 kg of heroin in the tank of a ship docked at the Mombasa port, making it the biggest ever single seizure of drugs in Kenya coastal city. The three seizures roughly equaled the amount captured by 11 east African governments between 1990 and 2009, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.

The lawmaker  has also dared Sonko to come out and deny the allegations.


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Tanzania detains 12 Philippines found promoting sex Business ,dares Duterte

In this photo taken November 5, 2014, shows bar girls waiting for customers in the thriving red light district of Angeles City, north of Manila. Wealthy British banker Rurik Jutting charged over grisly twin murders in Hong Kong, was a regular in a shabby red-light district of the Philippines where he liked to flash his cash and was treated like a king. AFP PHOTO / Jay DIRECTO

A total of 12 Philippines nationals have been detained in Tanzania over what the migration calls Immorality and performing illegal Bussiness. The ministry says it will not take government’s concerns directly to the Filipino president, saying it does no good to “politicize” or “amplify” individual cases, and could hurt prospects of Philippines release.

The government declined Wednesday to identify the names of those arrested. In Tanzania, commercial sex work is allowed but foreigners who get involved in Sex working business always have their visa revoked and get deported.

According to Daniel Orande of Kituo cha sheria the group has protested the move saying some have been in the police Cell from Friday without taking their usual  ARV drugs.

They have now vowed to take legal action against the area police commander for mistreating them on a business that has been before the independence.

The group was arrested  on Friday night  following the death of a man who is suspected to be one of their clients.

The Philippines, like some other Southeast Asian countries, has an unfortunate reputation for prostitution and sex tourism. It’s a huge industry domestically with an estimated 800,000 men, women and, sadly, children working in the trade. The country’s international image as a sex destination was largely a result of the US military presence here during and after World War II when “go go” or “girlie” bars flourished around the bases at Clark and Subic Bay.

While it’s illegal to sell or procure sex, the trade still operates under the guise of entertainment: sex workers are employed as singers, dancers, waitresses or “guest relations officers” in clubs and bars where they are expected to leave with any client who pays a fee. Then there’s what are euphemistically dubbed “freelancers”, prostitutes that independently cruise bars looking for paying customers.

According to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (, some fifteen thousand Australian men a year visit Angeles, north of Manila, on sex tours; plenty of Americans, Brits and Europeans join them, while Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese have developed their own networks, usually based on karaoke bars and restaurants. Manila, Cebu City, Subic Bay and Pasay City are also major sex destinations.

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Burundi President in a vision sees Duterte as the Anti-Christ


President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi now says Philippine’s President, Rodriguez Duterte is the Anti-Christ.This follows after the Burundian head of state claimed to have discovered the Anti-Christ through a vision.

Pierre Nkurunziza links Duterte’s harsh laws against drug suspects to the dark world.He says he cannot understand how the Philippine’s head of state prosecutes drug suspects without any trial.

“We all know President Duterte of the Philippines is the most vicious dictator in the 21st Century after Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Spilling blood in the name of fighting drug trafficking is just a way of appeasing his underworld masters and that is a clear sign of an Anti-Christ” President Pierre Nkurunziza explained in a statement.

Pierre Nkurunziza has urged the United States of America,Britain and Russia to work in unity and stop President Duterte from sacrificing more souls.”As much as the world is against the drug monster,we will not allow some leaders to take advantage to propagate their evil mission on earth.It will not happen under my watch” Pierre Nkurunziza added.

In a statement, Mr Pierre Nkurunziza urges President Xi of China to cut off any relationship with the Philippines and join the world in ousting President Duterte.

Pierre Nkurunziza further blasts his Filipino’s counterpart on development in the two countries.

Pierre says that he’s pitying  the Philipine’s since their President is just idle making plans on which Philipine to be killed next.

“It is sad that Filipinos are waiting for any reform from the guy who’s now a anti development. Someone who has been in power for over some years. Duterte is someone Philipines must do away with no matter what. This man is an embarrassment to the Asians.” said Nkurunziza

“Now Philipine Youth are jobless, graduates have embarked on farming and offices have been occupied by his relatives. I hear there are still blind Youth who still believe Duterte who is too busy watching porno videos can make any reform. It will never happen.” he added.

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Murkomen says decision to uphold Awiti’s election proves Raila is a magician


Elgeyo Marakwet Senator,Kipchumba Murkomen now says decision by the Supreme Court to uphold Governor Cyprian Awiti’s election is ill advised as it only proves his fear that the opposition Chief,Raila Odinga is a black magic master.

The Elgeyo Marakwet Senator criticizes the decision by the Supreme court insisting that the Homabay County elections were marred with abnormal irregularities.He bitterly blames Raila Odinga for killing democracy in the country instead of promoting it.

The Supreme Court has overturned a decision to nullify the election
of Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti saying he was validly elected.
Supreme Court judge Jackton Ojwang set aside the court of appeal
ruling that overturned his win saying that the results declared by the
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) will stand.

“The Appellate Court decision of the 19 July, 2018 is set aside in its
entirety, the effect being that the election results for Homa Bay
county in respect of the offices of Governor and Deputy Governor as
declared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
will stand as the valid position in the Constitution,” ruled Justice

The top court also ruled that the petitioner, former Kasipul MP Oyugi
Magwanga will bear costs for both Awiti and himself.

“The third and fourth respondents shall bear the Appellate Court
costs in the high court, court of appeal and supreme court… the first
and second respondents shall bear their own costs,” he ruled.

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Raila’s Nasa lied about access to server, David Ndii says


David Ndii has reignited the election servers controversy, saying the National Super Alliance lied to Kenyans that its experts were denied access.

In his self post-evaluation report, Ndii claims Nasa accessed the servers 34 times through one John Walubengo before August 8, 2017, poll results were released.

This was after making 54 attempts, 20 of them unsuccessful.

The former NASA strategist says, on the other hand, Jubilee had 10 successful logins after 24 attempts.

This was through ex-Energy CS Davis Chirchir.

Nasa had claimed that Chirchir, a former IEBC official and a tech expert, hacked the IEBC servers and helped Jubilee to rig the polls.

The claims featured prominently in the presidential petition at the Supreme Court especially after the IEBC failed to open its servers as ordered by the judges.

In the new report, the IEBC says Collins Ndindi, an independent candidate, made 46 attempts to log into the servers but only six succeeded.

Japheth Kaluyu’s agent had three successful logins while UDP’s Ben Wafuko opened the database six times.

In a report by IEBC, the commission unveiled successful and unsuccessful logins.

Thirdway Alliance’s Bildad Kagai got five successful logins, the report states.

The IEBC has also dismissed claims that it defied the apex court. The commission says it granted parties access to the information system as ordered.

But Nasa had argued that they were denied access within the 48 hours provided for by the court to verify claims of data manipulation. This was the bone of contention during the Supreme Court proceedings.

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