18 year old woman sues Mugabe over child neglect


Harare. The Chief Magistrate’s Court in Harare,Zimbabwe has started hearing a case in which the former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, was sued by an 18 year old woman for failing to take care of a child he sired out of wedlock.

The  Magistrate, Mr Henry Wamazi started hearing the case on Thursday last week.
This follows an application filed by Ms Ivie Lotika through her lawyers, who claims to be the child’s mother.
In her affidavit which Afrikan Daily has seen, Ms Lotika claims to be Mr Mugabe’s former partner, adding that they started cohabiting in 2016 before he stepped down as President.
“I started the relationship with the respondent in 2016 and we got serious in 2017 when we settled together as wife and husband,” she states.
Ms Lotika said she was struggling to take care of the child.
Ms Lotika also claims Mr Mugabe locked her out of his house in 2018 when the relationship turned sour.
“Without any fault on my side and my child, he locked me out of the house and has failed to provide us with another place of residence,” she said.
In May 2018, Ms Nambuya before quitting the “marriage,” claimed she was being psychologically tortured by the bodyguards who were blocking her from accessing Mugabe’s home.
The petitioner alleged that the guards were undermining and abusing her as “an unrecognised queen, cohabiting with the king.”
However, when contacted, Mr Mugabe dismissed the allegations of refusing to extend support to his daughter. “I have not at any time failed to provide for the said child. That lady hid my daughter in Harare and she wanted to baptise her without my knowledge but I warned her not to do so. She has failed to take care of the daughter,” he said.
“Let the court grant me custody of my daughter since I am better placed to meet her welfare,” he added.
Court adjourned the case to Wednesday.

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