Breaking News:Kilimani MCA arrested in connection with the death of OCS Ragira, a student leader at the University of Nairobi


Incoming news have just confirmed that Moses Ogeto,Kilimani Member of County Assembly has been arrested minutes ago and frogmarched to Central Police Station pending investigations into the death of a student leader at The University of Nairobi,OCS Ragira.

Moses Ogeto is the last person to interract with the slain student according to Central Police OCS. An SMS has been retrieved from the dead student phone threatening him of dire consequences if he maintained his hard stance against the operation of the famous Klabu 36 market at The University of Nairobi. According to a confidential report, there has been a scramble between the County government of Nairobi and the University of Nairobi administration with each struggling to control the famous Klabu 36 market.

Moses Ogeto(Centre),the Kilimani MCA believed to be behind the death of OCS Ragira

OCS Ragira passed on shortly on Thursday evening after a group of unknown assailants shot randomly on his chest killing him on the spot.OCS Ragira was on the record for championing for the rights of students at The University of Nairobi leading to his expulsion. He had updated on his Facebook timeline that unknown people had threatened to kill him after he opposed the move to take over Klabu market at the University of Nairobi by cartels.

Screenshot of the Facebook post where the slain student leader warned of people threatening him



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