Breaking News:Museveni slaps Bobi Wine.Threatens the opposition with his taekwondo skills


Uganda’s President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this morning slapped opposition leader,Bobi Wine.Museveni has referred to Bobi Wine as a dishonest politician who is out to destroy what he has done for Uganda.This happened shortly after the Ugandan Bobi Wine dared President Museveni to resign in the next 24 hours.

At a joint function in Kampala, Bobi Wine outrightly mocked President Museveni as the most vicious dictator in the 21st Century urging him to resign from the top job.

“Before one can imagine of ousting me from power, let him go to the forest first.The government is not going to tolerate hooligans” Museveni explained.

The Ugandan President brags of his mastery of taekwondo techniques threatening to teach the opposition a lesson if they dare him again.” The opposition is always full of noise.When i was in the forest, my master taught me one of the most dreaded fighting skills in the world.I have been practicing taekwondo all these years” he added.

The Ugandan opposition has repeatedly blamed Museveni’s government for violating human rights.They link Museveni to mysterious deaths of politicians affiliated to the opposition.

“When a government eats its own people, it becomes the duty of the masses to resist.Museveni must be a very worried man” Bobi Wine in a statement to Museveni.

Museveni has dismissed claims by the opposition that he is responsible for the various atrocities in the country.He accuses the opposition of stage managing deaths in the country to win the sympathy of the masses.

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