Diamond Platnumz a Freemason? Confirmed


There have been a controversy that Tanzania king, Diamond a.k.a Simba is a Freemason. For a while now, the controversy has been roaming around and day by day, it has grown to be more extensive.

Several aspects have been the contributing factors towards this controversy.The above image was is among the evidence for the claim. Recently, #Diamond has had such an alarming success. He has scoped several awards including international awards. He has also managed to collaborate with several international artists: including Neyo, Morgan Heritage, Rick Ross and other established Nigerian artists. He also established a record label _ Wasafi and managed to work with more than five artists, including Rayvanny, RichMavoko, Harmonize, Mbosso, Queen Darlin, and Lavalava. The record label is in fact currently the best in East Africa and probably Africa. He has also managed to establish Wasafi TV. Precisely, Diamond Platnumz has had such an alarming success.
Beside the issue of success, there is also a golden skull that has been spotted in his office. Skull is believed to be an emblem of Freemasonry.

Image result for skull in diamond platnumz office

If you have been closely following activities that have been on going within WCB the I can assume that you are aware that Rich Mavoko was not the first person to leave Wasafi. Several others had left but one person left a controversy. In an interview, he said that he left Wasafi to have time with his God. The phrase sounded fishy hence the controversy.
Diamond Platnumz’s supporters will also get angry whenever such claim is made against Diamond. Diamond has true fans in the whole of African and especially in his home country Tanzania and in Kenya. Based on his behaviors and his fear for God, as observed in all his interview, it would be hard to believe that diamond is a Freemason. Diamond has demonstrated characters of humility, respect, handwork, and love for others.
The controversy will continue and to most probably a debate. However, I personally think that either he is a Freemason or not, Diamond is moral and his fear for God is vivid. However, this are requirements for freemasonry membership.
Leave your comment on what you think about this issue.Feel free to share with me your thoughts.

For more of this, I recommend you to watch this video for more details.



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