KUSO Chairman Antony Manyara planned the Sacking of Achesa Rashid

Chronology of events.
1. Manyara meets former CS Rashid Achesa in Karen on 16th January 2019. 2. Manyara meets Raila Odinga privately in Agnes Kagure’s office on 23rd January 2019.
3. Rashid Achesa Insults Raila on 27th January 2019 and Manyara warns him via a KUSO Presser.
4. Manyara meets Raila Odinga on 14th February and Raila awards him a certificate of recognition.
5. Manyara meets Statehouse senior officials on 16th February 2019. The meeting is closed-door and takes 3hrs 23 minutes.
6. Manyara cancels a planned demonstration by students on 24th February 2019 while in Mombasa. He meets Governor Joho before flying to Nairobi.
7. Manyara meets CS Amina with KUSO officials on 27th February 2019 at 4 PM in Jogoo House. They discuss many issues affecting students and the meeting lasts for 3 hours 49 minutes.
8. Statehouse sources indicate that the President had made a private phone call on Manyara that lasted approximately 19 Minutes in 28th February 2019.
9. The President sacks Rashid Achesa
10. The President transfers CS Amina from Education docket to Sports Docket.
11. Prof. Magoha is appointed Education CS.
Manyara posing for a photo with Uhuru Kenyatta at a past function
Cartel-ship is real.
What is the Government planning with this powerful comrade?



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