Meet Ouma Allan , a self made politician


Ouma Allan, from Bungoma county, Bukhayo East-ward is a self-made politician. Aged 27, he does not believe in what he calls the “good luck theory”, which attributes success to chance and friendly circumstances. He believes that “opportunity is important but exertion is indispensable”. It is not luck that makes a man a self-made man, but considerable physical and mental effort.

In 2013 and 2017 elections consecutive years in Kenya, he vied for Member of County and Member of Parliament respectively. He successfully failed in the two elections consolidating to what he defiles a good luck theory. In respect to relationship law that requires a man to do several horizontal Engineering entertainments for a wife to emanate a child, he doesn’t lose hope in what he believes in thereby Franchising his bid for 2022 MCA Seat.

Given a chance to hold the office, untarmacked roads, expensive hospital bills, unextended electricity privy, non-school going children and laming infrastructural facilities will only be heard in dreams for the residents of the Bukhaya East Ward.

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