Orengo:Murkomen and those in opposition should stop politicizing government’s projects


Siaya Senator, James Aggrey Orengo has urged the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator,Kipchumba Murkomen and those in opposition to stop politicizing government’s projects.He has further dismissed claims from politicians affiliated to the Deputy President that the handshake is aimed at making a house on the hill fall.

Orengo has urged Rift Valley leaders to join the Jubilee government in ensuring everlasting peace is realized in the country and stop focusing on 2022 succession politics.

Kipchumba Murkomen in his recent remarks accused the Orange Democratic Movement of insincerity since the handshake was initiated. He associated Raila Odinga with the existing problems in the Jubilee government promising to send him back to the opposition where he belongs. Murkomen believes Odinga’s retirement will bring the country to order. Orengo has described Murkomen’s remarks as unfortunate and uncalled for in this century. “Leaders like Murkomen are bitter with the stability that is being enjoyed all over the country. Such people have no space in a democratic state” Orengo explained.

The Siaya Senator has assured the public that the handshake is meant to bring prosperity in this country urging Kenyans to shun from divisive politics. He has pointed out several initiatives that are ongoing courtesy of the handshake. “A wave of change has started to kick off. This has only been possible because of the handshake. It is our role as Kenyans to support the Presidency or fall together as a nation for sabotaging the handshake” Orengo added.

Orengo has also dismissed claims that Raila Odinga will not vie for the top seat in 2022. He says the decision as to whether Raila will vie in 2022 or not lies in the power of the people. “Raila himself does not know whether he will be on the ballot or not. If the power of the people says he must be on the ballot then we have no option but to bow” he quipped.

The Raila question as to whether he will be on the ballot in 2022 has continued to raise debates in the country. Politicians affiliated to the Deputy President believe that the Opposition Chief will be giving it a last time after failing to capture the seat for more than three times.

Raila in his recent remarks said publicly that he is not interested in the 2022 succession politics as he will be long retired. The Orange Democratic Movement leader is leading a spirited campaign with President Uhuru Kenyatta in an effort to heal the nation.

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