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Raila’s Nasa lied about access to server, David Ndii says


David Ndii has reignited the election servers controversy, saying the National Super Alliance lied to Kenyans that its experts were denied access.

In his self post-evaluation report, Ndii claims Nasa accessed the servers 34 times through one John Walubengo before August 8, 2017, poll results were released.

This was after making 54 attempts, 20 of them unsuccessful.

The former NASA strategist says, on the other hand, Jubilee had 10 successful logins after 24 attempts.

This was through ex-Energy CS Davis Chirchir.

Nasa had claimed that Chirchir, a former IEBC official and a tech expert, hacked the IEBC servers and helped Jubilee to rig the polls.

The claims featured prominently in the presidential petition at the Supreme Court especially after the IEBC failed to open its servers as ordered by the judges.

In the new report, the IEBC says Collins Ndindi, an independent candidate, made 46 attempts to log into the servers but only six succeeded.

Japheth Kaluyu’s agent had three successful logins while UDP’s Ben Wafuko opened the database six times.

In a report by IEBC, the commission unveiled successful and unsuccessful logins.

Thirdway Alliance’s Bildad Kagai got five successful logins, the report states.

The IEBC has also dismissed claims that it defied the apex court. The commission says it granted parties access to the information system as ordered.

But Nasa had argued that they were denied access within the 48 hours provided for by the court to verify claims of data manipulation. This was the bone of contention during the Supreme Court proceedings.

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British Lawyer Being Used Like A Condom By Mike Sonko, A Self Confessed Bhang Smoker


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is shining the spotlight on the role of crime in the rise of many politicians.

The big question is whether crime, especially that which is likely to gain you a lot of wealth, has become a stepping stone to political leadership in the country?

It’s an open secret that many people with questionable character have risen to political offices mainly due to the publicity and accumulated wealth.

British lawyer Mr. Guy Elms, a man of questionable character and integrity is a worried man.Mr. Elm’s is involved in a criminal case where he is charged with attempting to alter the will of his late client, Mr. Roger Robson.

As noted by the Kenyans in the social spaces, the morally bankrupt and highly worried Mr. Guy Elms is stopping at nothing to escape justice.

He has first started an online ‘sympathy campaign’ passing the narrative that the land in question was supposed to be donated for wildlife and forest Conservancy but that story seemed not to earn the intended sympathy, he tried another narrative that the will was to give Beyond Zero the land, only to realize that the will was dated 1997 and the Beyond Zero campaign came to be in the year 2014.

    Governor Mike Sonko

Holes were further poked into his story as the purported Mr. Peter Kinyua who was to be the receiver of the land around the time the vendor was dying, the said Kinyua was not working for Kenya forest and more telling is the fact that the said land’s registration was revoked by Kenya’s National Land Commission.

Authoritative information reveals that one of Kenya’s drama-loving politicians, Mike Sonko, who has a penchant for ruining the reputations of people he sees as possible challengers to his reign of ruin, has resorted to using the questionable Mr. Elms in settling political scores and has embarked on sponsoring defamatory articles regarding the case whenever Mr. Elm’s case is due.

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Sonko’s blogger defamatory statements lands him in trouble


Babu Owino has warned Mike Sonko’s bloggers against posting defamatory statements against him.In the recent article written by an account called Nairobi Mini Blogers,beleaved  to be owned by IG Maumau, links Owino to drug peddling since he was the University Chair.Babu Owino handlers have threatened to move to court and file a case for defamation.

The article read,

“Who is Babu Owino

His real name is Paul ongili, son of Doris Apiyo. His father is putni pugshu the famous business man in kisumu nyalenda selling motorcycle spare parts while babu’s mother Doris apiyo was working as a maid. Babu has two siblings boy and girl. His father divorced babu’s mother Doris apiyo when she gave birth to babu owino the Indian boy at nyalenda health center.
Babu’s mothers was selling chang’aa and busaa. Babu went to kisumu boys where he scored a C minus where he was selling bhang.

Babu owino accessed Nairobi in an offer from CID officer who killed a gang that worked with babu after a set up.

In Nairobi County babu started selling hard drugs. He joined Nairobi University not to study but expand his drugs business selling hard drugs to students.
In the university of Nairobi, babu joined students leadership through the support of drugs dealers.

Any student who opposed babu or knew of his dirty dealings was either suspended through babu influence, killed and dumped in swimming pool and university management did nothing.

Babu ruled in sonu not that he was liked by students but because *he had a pending case of rape against university of Nairobi vice chancellor prof mbithi*. It’s a case concerning mbithi having raped his niece.

Later on Babu owino who is currently 43 years old married to Frida Muthoni Wambua who happened to be the one who Babu owino uses to loot Embakasi East money through her proxy companies.

Before babu become an MP, he used to deal with fake gold and selling of albinos to Tanzanian who believed it cured HIV AIDs.

Babu has so many ladies who are dying slowly with assault and rape. They have feared reporting to police station as babu uses impunity to silence them.
Babu is a known conman who has send many people especially the bankers in Kamiti and some rotting in industrial area over banking fraud.

Babu has been doing atrocities but the government is keeping quite.
Lastly share this message to all Kenyans, all WhatsApp groups, Facebook and even Twitter to make Kenyans know who real babu owino is.

For more information ask Ndege serkal who babu owino disrespected after helping him become an MP. MDF will bring Babu down.

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Breaking News:Cyprian Awiti Election Upheld


Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti’s election has been
upheld by the Supreme Court.
“The appellate court decision is set aside in its eternity.
The election of Homa Bay county will stand as the valid
position as stated by the IEBC,” Judge Jackson Ojwang
The apex court also ruled that the petitioner, former
Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga will bear costs for both
Awiti and himself.
Magwanga, an independent candidate was Awiti’s main
challenger in the 2017 election.
“The third and fourth respondents shall bear the
Appellate costs, Those of the High Court and Supreme
Court… the first and second respondents shall bear their
own costs,” he ruled.
Speaking after the judgement, Awiti’s lawyer James
Orengo thanked the court for the judgement.
“We appreciate the depth of Jurisprudence and scrutiny
given by the court. Thank you. We are grateful to the
Supreme Court,” he said.
There was jubilation after Judge Jackson Ojwang read
the verdict with whistles and praises heard outside the
court premises.
As they carried banners with Awiti’s pictures, his
supporters jumped and moved their behinds in
The governor had moved to the Supreme court after the
Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold the High court’s
ruling which nullified his win.
The High Court ruled that the IEBC did not conduct a
free and fair election in Homa Bay.
According to IEBC’s disputed results, Awiti got 210,173
votes while Magwanga came second with 189,060 votes.

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DP Ruto’s event in London cancelled without explanation


A planned meeting between Deputy President William Ruto and Kenyans living in the United Kingdom was on Wednesday evening cancelled, just two days before its scheduled time.

The Kenya High Commission had organized a cocktail where the DP would interact with Kenyans in the diaspora on Friday for one and a half hours – starting from 6.30 pm.

The planner had indicated that the event would be open to only six hundred people and tickets would be given to those who would register on a first-come-first served basis.

Kenyan High Commission says event was cancelled

However, on Wednesday evening, two days to D-day, the Kenya High Commission announced that the cocktail had been cancelled. No explanation was provided.

Good evening. Thank you for registering to attend the Cocktail to be hosted by H.E. Dr. William Samoei Ruto, PhD, EGH, the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, scheduled for Friday 8th February 2019 from 1830hrs to 2000hrs in London. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the event will not take place. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” the Kenya High Commission told those who had registered.

Kenya's High Commissioner to Manoah Esipisu. DP Ruto’s London meeting with Kenyans in the UK was on Wednesday cancelled without explanation Kenya’s High Commissioner to Manoah Esipisu. DP Ruto’s London meeting with Kenyans in the UK was on Wednesday cancelled without explanation

Chatham House

The meeting with Kenyans had been planned to coincide with Ruto’s visit to the UK where he will be delivering a lecture at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, popularly referred to as Chatham House.

He is expected to speak on devolution as well as on the challenges faced in trying to integrate the country and the East African region.

The DP’s spokesman David Mugonyi said Ruto would give another lecture at the University of Warwick on Saturday.

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Breaking News:Gikomba market on fire.Many lives lost


Several traders are counting losses after a fire razed down stalls in Gikomba market early this night.18 people have been confirmed dead on the spot.
The fire is reported to have started at about 9 pm and is still raging as various emergency response teams battle to contain it.

Teams from the Kenya Police, General Service Unit, Kenya Red Cross, Fire brigade among others are on the ground to put out the fire as hundreds of traders watched from a distance with dozens of police officers deployed blocking entry to the burning section.

The extent of damage caused by the fire in Gikomba market has not yet been established. Some traders told our reporters they lost goods worth millions in the fire that gutted section of the market on November

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Breaking News:Museveni slaps Bobi Wine.Threatens the opposition with his taekwondo skills


Uganda’s President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this morning slapped opposition leader,Bobi Wine.Museveni has referred to Bobi Wine as a dishonest politician who is out to destroy what he has done for Uganda.This happened shortly after the Ugandan Bobi Wine dared President Museveni to resign in the next 24 hours.

At a joint function in Kampala, Bobi Wine outrightly mocked President Museveni as the most vicious dictator in the 21st Century urging him to resign from the top job.

“Before one can imagine of ousting me from power, let him go to the forest first.The government is not going to tolerate hooligans” Museveni explained.

The Ugandan President brags of his mastery of taekwondo techniques threatening to teach the opposition a lesson if they dare him again.” The opposition is always full of noise.When i was in the forest, my master taught me one of the most dreaded fighting skills in the world.I have been practicing taekwondo all these years” he added.

The Ugandan opposition has repeatedly blamed Museveni’s government for violating human rights.They link Museveni to mysterious deaths of politicians affiliated to the opposition.

“When a government eats its own people, it becomes the duty of the masses to resist.Museveni must be a very worried man” Bobi Wine in a statement to Museveni.

Museveni has dismissed claims by the opposition that he is responsible for the various atrocities in the country.He accuses the opposition of stage managing deaths in the country to win the sympathy of the masses.

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Kenya to remove pockets from police uniforms to fight corruption


Reports have it that authorities in Kenya are planning to remove

pockets from police uniforms as part of President Kenyatta’s
fight against corruption in the country.

The new set of police uniforms will have no pockets.
It is believed that the proposal, if implemented, would make it
difficult for Kenyan police officers who take bribes on the roads,
to keep the cash they collect.

However, sources within the Police Command say the officers will
resist any attempt to make their uniforms pocketless, because the
pockets also beautifies the total appearance of a police officer.

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Mighty Pope Francis Blesses a 12 year girl with rights to live forever


Pope Francis has given a 12-year girl the right to live forever. This happened during his visit to the United Arab Emirates yesterday. Many people attended the historic event of Pope Francis.The girl will enjoy eternal life with no death at all.

They came by coach, by car and on foot to the stadium at Zayed Sports City, in carefully planned convoys and spur-of-the-moment trips.
They came in their tens of thousands, and each had a tale to tell of the day they came up close and personal with Pope Francis in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

In a true test of faith, Lena Malpiedi from Denmark and her Italian husband drove through the night all the way from Oman’s capital Muscat in order to attend the holy mass.
“We’ve never seen the pope before. Standing here between Christians and Muslims while knowing of the clashes around the world, it sends an extremely strong message. We need more like it,” she said.
Many of those who wanted to perform this unique and historic pilgrimage traveled much shorter distances, but nonetheless were faced with challenges.

Thousands traveled in a massive convoy of coaches overnight from Dubai — where the biggest Catholic community in the Gulf resides — for the event.
Dubai expat Rosalie Ayuso from the Philippines, her husband Paul and his three siblings were among the many who mastered the logistics of the coach convoy down the busy E11 motorway to Abu Dhabi.
“We went to the pickup point at 12 a.m. and the bus left Dubai after an hour. We arrived at 3 a.m. and waited for two hours before they let us into the stadium,” said Ayuso.
She had not slept for at least 24 hours, but that did not matter once she had glimpsed the pope. “Sometimes you have to make these sacrifices. It’s all worth it in the end,” she added.

The scene inside the stadium, and on the lawns in front of big screens outside, was a family affair, but not all families were lucky enough to get seats together.
Filipinos Krisha and Keith Ayuso, who got tickets outside the stadium, were separated from two of their other siblings who were seated inside.
“Our brother and sister, who had a better view of the pope inside, were sharing pictures with us through WhatsApp,” Keith said, adding that their experience was just as good because they got to see the pope when he toured around the stadium in a white Mercedes car. aThe Ayuso siblings said they grew up going to church together, and that has made their relationship strong.

“Going to church as a family has made us see the importance of being together, which we consider is our greatest wealth,” Paul said.
Christopher Hilis, a Filipino who volunteered as a helper for the visit, was dropped at the site of the papal mass on Monday night, and had to stay there until Tuesday morning to help with preparations.
Smiling and excited, he told Arab News: “Luckily I was posted at gate 31, where the pope was coming in. I lost a lot of zzz’s, but it’s all worth it to see the pope in a Muslim country. It’ll take away the stigma that Muslims and Christians must be separate.”
Hilis moved to the UAE three years ago, and had no clue he would get the chance to meet the pope, in Abu Dhabi of all places. “The UAE is making change possible,” he added.
For Shanelle D’sa, this was not the first time she attended a mass with Pope Francis. She had been at one of his first papal masses in Brazil, but she said that did not take away from the joy she felt this time.

“It’s an experience you can’t really put into words. I didn’t expect it to be possible, a holy mass in the UAE,” she added.
In yet another family grouping, Roselyn Netto, an Indian woman living in Dubai, was with her husband and two children, aged 7 and 1.
“It’s really nice. I feel peace in my heart right now. It’s a great chance for me and my family, especially my kids, that we got the blessing from Pope Francis,” she told Arab News.
Many of them stayed on after the mass, when the stadium and lawns were turned into an impromptu pop concert venue starring Filipino “pop princess” Sarah Geronimo, and families enjoyed picnics in the pleasantly warm afternoon sunshine.

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FIFA accuses Harambee stars for match fixing

(FILE)Harambee Stars pose for a team photo prior to their match against Ethiopia in Bahar Dar on October 10,2018.PHOTO/Citizen/Mike Okinyi

The match-fixing scandal that has rocked Harambee Stars following the publication of Fifa’s preliminary investigation, could have involved more players than initially thought, with all of them having featured for the national soccer team between 2005 to 2013.

In a 10-page preliminary report dated September 2018, Fifa accuses Harambee Stars defender George Owino Audi of masterminding match manipulation with one ”high-profile international match-fixer Mr. Wilson Raj Perumal,” between 2009 and 2011.

However, from the report, Fifa cites 14 matches which Owino featured in and which they are investigating. Fifa also mentions a Pascal, a Julius and an Edgar, who all featured for Harambee Stars during the said period.

On 16 September 2009, Mr Perumal wrote an email addressed to Mr Owino and to two other players of the Kenyan National Team (named as Julius and Pascal)14, referring to them as his “brothers”15, and giving them the following detailed instructions in relation to the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM qualifier between Kenya and Tunisia: “U have to make up your mind if u want money or result. Note that if u loose by 1-0 to Tunisia u will end up with nothing. I want a 3-0 scoreline. I expect the score to be 2-0 in a normal game but with your assistance i can get a 3-0 scoreline. I want u to put a good fight for 25 minutes and concede 1 goal in first half from 30-45 minutes and 65th minutes 2-0 n 80th minute 3-0.”16

Furthermore, on 1 October 2009, Mr Perumal gave specific instructions of the match manipulation scheme to Mr Owino by email stating “I want 1-0 in 1st half and 3-0 in 2nd half. 1st goal in 1st half should come after 25 mins and in 2nd half the goal must come after 55 mins 2-0 and after 70mins 3-0.”1

Lastly, on 3 October 2009, Mr Perumal once agained communicated by email with Mr Owino regarding their alleged match manipulation scheme by stating “Football matches takes place everyday. People forget

results and look forward to new matches everyday. (…) i need 4 players u,pascal, julius plus 1 new

defender. We play very hard for 30 mins and we concede 1-0 from 30-45 mins. U must concede this goal at all cost. U promise me u must do. (…) Now the 2nd half 60-75 mins concede 2nd goal. N 75 -90 the

third goal. U must concede 2 goals in the 2nd half.”

The earth- shaking report by the world football body come barely a week after  Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula sensationally claimed that the team’s then head coach, Ugandan Paul Nkata had been involved in fixing the team’s two league matches, and the development from Fifa has further dented Kenya’s football image globally.

A screen-shot of some of the past Harambee Stars matches Fifa is investigating.

The ongoing match fixing investigations by world football governing body FIFA though narrowing down prominently to only one former Harambee Stars player, Owino, signals just a tip of the iceberg how the beautiful game could have been betrayed over years in Kenya.

According to FIFA, Owino through a series of email allegedly engaged in unethical conduct by appearing to have conspired in order to play under instructions for match manipulation purposes.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino attends a news conference in Kigali, Rwanda October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Jean Bizimana
FIFA President Gianni Infantino attends a news conference in Kigali, Rwanda October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Jean Bizimana

In the report, Perumal allegedly wanted the former Mathare United ace to also recruit unidentified Kenya national team players for them to play under instructions and manipulate results of football different matches in exchange of undue financial advantages for said conduct.

In light of the Fifa report, former  Kenya FA boss Sam Nyamweya, in a statement underscored the magnitude the allegations could have dented  the Kenyan game.

“Match fixing constitutes a very serious crime and a serious contravention of the principles that govern the sport of football; and for Kenya to be under the spotlight for match fixing is a serious indictment on our football structure and our ethos as a nation called Kenya.

“It is sad that the FIFA probe revelations over events that took place a decade ago have come at a time when the country is facing serious challenges to control matches manipulation in the local leagues due to the sports betting craze bug that has bitten all over the country,” said Nyamweya in a statement on Tuesday.

Poignantly, the former football boss points out the challenge of gaming firms sponsoring football teams vis-a-vis match fixing, a global issue that is not unique to Kenya.

“…FKF must have a clear policy framework guiding the involvement of bookmakers in Kenyan football yet sports betting companies are now the biggest corporate investors in our football.

“This deliberate decision to allow bookmakers into the game in the absence of clear policy guidelines is what has led us here because it has always been clear that we needed to have that in place, considering how rampant sports betting has become in this country over the past five years,” charged Nyamweya.

Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya and his successor Nick Mwendwa address the media during the national elections held at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani in Nairobi, Kenya on February 10, 2016.
Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya and his successor Nick Mwendwa address the media during the national elections held at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani in Nairobi, Kenya on February 10, 2016.

While it is apparent the ills under FIFA’s investigation occurred during Nyamweya’s tenure, his advice to the current regime carries weight especially with the dynamics in the football sponsorship.

His call for coordination between state organs, FKF and relevant international bodies cannot be overemphasized.

“The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National government should instruct all national security agencies to actively take up the matter in conjunction with Interpol and FIFA to ensure this international racket has no way to operate in Kenya. Accordingly, the football federation and all it’s subordinate bodies and/or partners including but not limited to Kenya Premier League Limited and all sports betting companies involved in Kenyan football must cooperate with the agencies, namely Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the Director of Public Prosecution. Cast the net wider to include other sports disciplines.

“FKF, with the guidance of the FIFA Ethics Chamber, embark on the process of coming up with a policy and guidelines on the involvement of bookmakers and sports betting companies in Kenyan football as a way of stemming the deep infiltration and entrenchment of international match fixing rackets in Kenyan football through agents that they are recruiting every other day,” added Nyamweya.

In the meantime, Owino could not be reached by Citizen Digital  for a comment at time of publishing this article as calls to his known number could not go through as his phone was switched off.

At the same time, FKF has kept a studious silence on the Fifa matter, with FA CEO Robert Muthomi  saying he could not comment on the matter too, although president Nick Mwendwa recently told Citizen Digital in a phone interview from France that his association is keen on investigating the match fixing allegations touching Kakamega Homeboyz, once the latter tables their evidence.

FKF CEO Robert Muthomi, during the launch of the GOtv Shield. He has announced Under-17 players will undergo MRI scans to ascertain their ages. Photo/Stafford Ondego/
FKF CEO Robert Muthomi, during the launch of the GOtv Shield. He has announced Under-17 players will undergo MRI scans to ascertain their ages. Photo/Stafford Ondego/Sportpicha.

“Betting is here to stay, that is for sure and match fixing cases will be more in the near future if the laid rules by FIFA will not be followed to the letter. This is a syndicated issue and those involved have networks with betting firms worldwide so we should not think it is local firms who might be involved alone,” charged Mwendwa.

The FKF supremo said they have given Kakamega Homeboyz until Thursday to produce concrete evidence against recently sacked coach Paul Nkata who is heavily linked with the scandal, before his body forms up a committee to look into the matter.

Mwendwa added that they will engage FIFA experts to deal with the case, warning that life ban is the most severe punishment for those found culpable.

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Breaking News:Murathe escapes assasination attempt.Woman arrested in connection with the attack


Nairobi,Kenya-David Murathe has escaped an assassination attempt by a whisker after 7 bullets were fired into his car.This happened at exactly 7:59 am along Mombasa Road after a heavily armed man dared Murathe’s security.Confidential reports confirm that Murathe is in good health as he was not injured.

“He is very stable and has been rushed to hospital for check up” a police officer told our reporters.Detectives are pursuing the hitman who managed to vanish into thin air after the assassination attempt on the former Jubilee Vice Chairmain failed. The reason for the assassination attempt on David Murathe is not immediately known but unconfirmed sources say that the attack was well calculated by some members of the political class.

A middle aged woman has been detained by authorities pending investigation into the matter.

David Murathe resigned
from the Jubilee party saying his continued stay in the ruling
outfit is no longer tenable.
He has, however, maintained that his position that DP
William Ruto is not fit to lead the country still stands.
He even threatened to move to the
Supreme Court to seek an advisory opinion on whether
the Deputy President should be allowed to run for the
highest office after serving two terms.

Murathe’s attacks on Ruto have, however, been criticised
by Ruto’s allies and Jubilee leaders from Central region
who have said they do not represent their views.
The leaders said their support for Ruto’s 2022 bid is

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BREAKING NEWS : Senior Member of Kenyatta family rushed to Hospital


A member of the first family has been rushed to Hospital over a short illness.

The member has been hospitalized in Nairobi Hospital after suffering an ailment on his left eye.His physician has confirmed that the President’s health is in good state. She,name withheld, will undergo a minor procedure on his left eye to ease pain. She will spend a few hours in the hospital for doctors to have enough time to examine him.

Her admission was revealed by statehouse operatives today at 12.01 am. A statement by Statehouse spokesperson said he was with immediate family members who included his wife and mother.


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Orengo:Murkomen and those in opposition should stop politicizing government’s projects


Siaya Senator, James Aggrey Orengo has urged the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator,Kipchumba Murkomen and those in opposition to stop politicizing government’s projects.He has further dismissed claims from politicians affiliated to the Deputy President that the handshake is aimed at making a house on the hill fall.

Orengo has urged Rift Valley leaders to join the Jubilee government in ensuring everlasting peace is realized in the country and stop focusing on 2022 succession politics.

Kipchumba Murkomen in his recent remarks accused the Orange Democratic Movement of insincerity since the handshake was initiated. He associated Raila Odinga with the existing problems in the Jubilee government promising to send him back to the opposition where he belongs. Murkomen believes Odinga’s retirement will bring the country to order. Orengo has described Murkomen’s remarks as unfortunate and uncalled for in this century. “Leaders like Murkomen are bitter with the stability that is being enjoyed all over the country. Such people have no space in a democratic state” Orengo explained.

The Siaya Senator has assured the public that the handshake is meant to bring prosperity in this country urging Kenyans to shun from divisive politics. He has pointed out several initiatives that are ongoing courtesy of the handshake. “A wave of change has started to kick off. This has only been possible because of the handshake. It is our role as Kenyans to support the Presidency or fall together as a nation for sabotaging the handshake” Orengo added.

Orengo has also dismissed claims that Raila Odinga will not vie for the top seat in 2022. He says the decision as to whether Raila will vie in 2022 or not lies in the power of the people. “Raila himself does not know whether he will be on the ballot or not. If the power of the people says he must be on the ballot then we have no option but to bow” he quipped.

The Raila question as to whether he will be on the ballot in 2022 has continued to raise debates in the country. Politicians affiliated to the Deputy President believe that the Opposition Chief will be giving it a last time after failing to capture the seat for more than three times.

Raila in his recent remarks said publicly that he is not interested in the 2022 succession politics as he will be long retired. The Orange Democratic Movement leader is leading a spirited campaign with President Uhuru Kenyatta in an effort to heal the nation.

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Breaking News:Government withdraws Deputy CJ Mwilu security details


Deputy Chief Justice now says the government has withdrawn her armed security officers and drivers.

Also withdrawn, according to reports are officers attached to a high court judge, Chacha Mwita.

In a communication to the media,  Philomena Mwilu said the move is likely to expose them to a security risk.

“The provision of security to the Deputy Chief Justice and the high court judge during their tenure is within their contract of service and that this obligation ceases only when my tenure ends,” Mwilu said in the statement.

Recently,the Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu was arrested at the
Supreme Court and taken to DCI headquarters for questioning over
alleged graft.
After the arrest, the Deputy CJ was escorted by Director of Criminal
Investigations George Kinoti.
Reliable source from the Judiciary hinted to the media that
Philomena Mwilu was arrested in a crackdown at the Supreme Court.

During the press briefing, the DPP said Mwilu was to be charged with
abuse of office, receiving bribe and failing to pay taxes.

over allegations of financial impropriety.

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Police arrest a man in a hotel in connection with yesterday explosion in Nairobi CBD

Police officers at the scene of explosion at Odeon Stage, Latema Tom Mboya junction, Nairobi, on January 26, 2019. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

NAIROBI-Detectives in Nairobi have arrested a man believed to be in connection of the yesterday’s explosion in Nairobi Kenya A man by the identified as Suleiman is being detained at Central Police Station in Nairobi.


At least two people were injured in an explosion outside a restaurant in Nairobi.

The blast, which was caused by an improvised explosive device, occurred shortly after 7pm outside Smothers Fast Food Restaurant on Tom Mboya Street.

Witnesses reported seeing a man pushing a trolley outside the restaurant. Seconds later, a huge blast was heard sending members of the public scampering to safety.

The incident was confirmed by the Central Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Robinson Thuku.

According to an Afrikan Daily photographer on the ground, two people were taken away for treatment.

One of the victims suffered minor injuries on the leg after he was pierced by a shrapnel from the IED during the Saturday incident.

Officers from the Anti-terrorism police and the General Service Unit rushed to the scene and sealed it off.

So loud was the blast that it was heard as far as Koinange Street, causing panic and disrupting the vibrant Nairobi night life.

Police spokesman Charles Owino said anti-terrorism police had secured the scene and appealed to the public to stay away.

“It was a minor explosion and officers from the anti-terrorism police have sealed off the scene and we are asking members of the public to stay away from the scene completely and let the experts handle the matter,” he said on telephone.

The blast comes only days after terrorists attacked the DusitD2 Hotel on 14 Riverside Drive, killing 21 people.

Several people have been arraigned in court over the terrorist attack.

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US reacts to suspension of Justice Onnoghen, tells Buhari what to do now


The United States of America has reacted to the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Walter Onnoghen by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement it released on the matter, the US faulted the CJN removal without the support of the legislative arm.

It said, “The Embassy of the United States is deeply concerned by the impact of the executive branch’s decision to suspend and replace the Chief Justice and head of the judicial branch without the support of the legislative branch on the eve of national and state elections.

“We note widespread Nigerian criticism that this decision is unconstitutional and that it undermines the independence of the judicial branch.

“That undercuts the stated determination of government, candidates, and political party leaders to ensure that the elections proceed in a way that is free, fair, transparent, and peaceful – leading to a credible result.

“We urge that the issues raised by this decision be resolved swiftly and peacefully in accordance with due process, full respect for the rule of law, and the spirit of the Constitution of Nigeria. Such action is needed urgently now to ensure that this decision does not cast a pall over the electoral process.”

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EU reacts to Buhari’s suspension of CJN Onnoghen


The European Union has expressed concern over the process and timing of the suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen as the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

The European Union Election Observation Mission, EU EOM, on Nigeria’s 2019 general elections stated this in a statement on Saturday.

The statement was signed by its Press and Public Outreach Officer, Sarah Fradgley, where it said the suspension raises the question of whether due process was followed.

The European Union has expressed concern over the process and timing of the suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen as the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

The European Union Election Observation Mission, EU EOM, on Nigeria’s 2019 general elections stated this in a statement on Saturday.

The statement was signed by its Press and Public Outreach Officer, Sarah Fradgley, where it said the suspension raises the question of whether due process was followed.

The EU urged all parties to follow all legal processes in line with the constitution of the country.

The statement added, “The European Union was invited by the Independent National Electoral Commission to observe the 2019 general elections.

“The EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) is very concerned about the process and timing of the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Honourable Justice Walter Onnoghen, on 25 January.

“With 20 days until the presidential and National Assembly elections, political parties, candidates and voters must be able to have confidence in the impartiality and independence of the judicial system.

“The decision to suspend the Chief Justice has led to many Nigerians, including lawyers and civil society observer groups, to question whether due process was followed. The timing, just before the swearing in of justices for Electoral Tribunals and the hearing of election-related cases, has also raised concerns about the opportunity for electoral justice.

“The EU EOM calls on all parties to follow the legal processes provided for in the Constitution and to respond calmly to any concerns they may have.

“The EU EOM will continue observing all aspects of the election, including the independence of the election administration, the neutrality of security agencies, and the extent to which the judiciary can and does fulfill its election-related responsibilities.”

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Ebola death toll surges in DR Congo


The number of people killed in an Ebola outbreak in eastern DR Congo has risen to 443, health authorities have announced, as new President Felix Tshisekedi began his first full day in office on Friday.
The rising death toll — up by more than 40 in the past ten days — emphasises the challenge of controlling the epidemic in the strife-torn east and is just one of a host of complex issues facing Tshisekedi.
Tshisekedi was sworn in on Thursday following a long-delayed and bitterly disputed election, replacing Joseph Kabila after 18 turbulent years in charge of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest country.

In his inaugural address, Tshisekedi promised a new era of respect for human rights. He also faces entrenched poverty, corruption and fighting between militias who control parts of the east.
In a bulletin on Thursday, the health ministry outlined the growth of the Ebola outbreak.

“Since the start of the epidemic, the total number of cases is 715, including 666 confirmed and 49 probable. In all, there have been 443 deaths” in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, the ministry said.
DR Congo, formerly Zaire, has seen 10 outbreaks of the highly contagious haemorrhagic disease since it was first identified in 1976 near the Ebola river in the northwest of the country.
The latest outbreak was declared on August 1 in the region of Beni, a major market town in North Kivu, and quickly spread to neighbouring Ituri province.

The ministry said 248 people have recovered from the Ebola virus, while “236 suspect cases” were under investigation — down one from the previous bulletin on January 15.
The Beni region and parts of Ituri regularly come under attack from local armed groups and foreign rebels, particularly the feared Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) from neighbouring Uganda.
The presidential election, held on December 30, was cancelled in Beni, officially because of the Ebola outbreak and regional insecurity.

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DR Congo rebels surrender in welcome for new President Tshisekedi


Six hundred Congolese rebels whose conflict killed several thousand people in the restive Kasai region, have ended their war and surrendered their weapons in a sign of support for new President Felix Tshisekedi, local authorities said on Saturday.
Tshisekedi was sworn in on Thursday as president of Democratic Republic of Congo, marking the country’s first peaceful handover of power after chaotic and bitterly disputed elections.

Wearing red bandanas, the militiamen surrendered AK47 rifles, hunting shotguns, machetes, knives, arrows and various amulets to the Kasai-Central provincial authorities, an AFP correspondent said.

“These 600 militiamen responded to our appeal for peace. We have a new president and we should all support him. We call on those who are still in the bush to also hand over their weapons,” said local governor Denis Kambayi.

Authorities estimate around 1,700 militia fighters were operating in the area.

Around 50 rebel recruiters from Kasai region surrendered to authorities earlier this month after welcoming Tshisekedi’s presidential election win.

Several thousand people were killed between 2016 and October 2017 in four provinces during an insurgency by the Kamwina Nsapu (Black Ant) militia, named after a leader killed in a security force operation in August 2016.

“We have handed over our weapons because for us the war is over. The people have taken power with the election of Felix Tshisekedi, so for us there is no more justification for war,” said Raphael Kabeya, a local militia commander, told AFP.
Kamwina Nsapu was a tribal chieftain who opposed the Kinshasa government and his rebels battled government forces and the pro-government Bana Mura militia.

Beyond a death toll which UN sources put at some 3,000 — including two UN experts sent to investigate the conflict — the rebellion displaced around 1.4 million people.

Kabeya called on a rival militia Bana Mura to also surrender their weapons and end fighting as part of a reconciliation.
Another militia group also surrendered in neighbouring Tshikapa region, witnesses told AFP.

Militia tensions in the central region and fighting in the country’s troubled east were among the complications in December’s elections to replace President Joseph Kabila that were marred by repeated delays.

Tshisekedi on Friday turned the spotlight on human rights in his first day in office after succeeding Kabila who was in power for 18 years.

He has vowed to release all political prisoners swiftly and moved to reconcile with other candidates in a sign of hope in a country that has been chronically unstable since its independence from Belgium in 1960.

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UK reacts to Buhari’s removal of CJN Onnoghen


The British High Commission has expressed serious concern over the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen.

A statement by the mission on Saturday said it heard a wide range of credible and independent voices, including in the Nigerian legal profession and civil society, who have expressed concern over the constitutionality of the executive branch’s suspension of the chief officer of the judiciary.

“We respect Nigeria’s sovereign authority and its right to adjudicate on constitutional provisions but as friends of the Nigerian people, we are compelled to observe that the timing of this action, so close to national elections, gives cause for concern,” the statement read.

The British High Commission has expressed serious concern over the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen.

A statement by the mission on Saturday said it heard a wide range of credible and independent voices, including in the Nigerian legal profession and civil society, who have expressed concern over the constitutionality of the executive branch’s suspension of the chief officer of the judiciary.

“We respect Nigeria’s sovereign authority and its right to adjudicate on constitutional provisions but as friends of the Nigerian people, we are compelled to observe that the timing of this action, so close to national elections, gives cause for concern,” the statement read.

“It risks affecting both domestic and international perceptions on the credibility of the forthcoming elections. We, along with other members of the international community, are following developments closely.

“We encourage all actors to maintain calm and address the concerns raised by this development through due process, demonstrating their commitment to respecting the constitution and the impartial administration of the rule of law.

“We further urge them to take steps to ensure that elections take place in an environment conducive to a free, fair and peaceful process.”

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