Tanzania detains 12 Philippines found promoting sex Business ,dares Duterte

In this photo taken November 5, 2014, shows bar girls waiting for customers in the thriving red light district of Angeles City, north of Manila. Wealthy British banker Rurik Jutting charged over grisly twin murders in Hong Kong, was a regular in a shabby red-light district of the Philippines where he liked to flash his cash and was treated like a king. AFP PHOTO / Jay DIRECTO

A total of 12 Philippines nationals have been detained in Tanzania over what the migration calls Immorality and performing illegal Bussiness. The ministry says it will not take government’s concerns directly to the Filipino president, saying it does no good to “politicize” or “amplify” individual cases, and could hurt prospects of Philippines release.

The government declined Wednesday to identify the names of those arrested. In Tanzania, commercial sex work is allowed but foreigners who get involved in Sex working business always have their visa revoked and get deported.

According to Daniel Orande of Kituo cha sheria the group has protested the move saying some have been in the police Cell from Friday without taking their usual  ARV drugs.

They have now vowed to take legal action against the area police commander for mistreating them on a business that has been before the independence.

The group was arrested  on Friday night  following the death of a man who is suspected to be one of their clients.

The Philippines, like some other Southeast Asian countries, has an unfortunate reputation for prostitution and sex tourism. It’s a huge industry domestically with an estimated 800,000 men, women and, sadly, children working in the trade. The country’s international image as a sex destination was largely a result of the US military presence here during and after World War II when “go go” or “girlie” bars flourished around the bases at Clark and Subic Bay.

While it’s illegal to sell or procure sex, the trade still operates under the guise of entertainment: sex workers are employed as singers, dancers, waitresses or “guest relations officers” in clubs and bars where they are expected to leave with any client who pays a fee. Then there’s what are euphemistically dubbed “freelancers”, prostitutes that independently cruise bars looking for paying customers.

According to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (wwww.catw-ap.org), some fifteen thousand Australian men a year visit Angeles, north of Manila, on sex tours; plenty of Americans, Brits and Europeans join them, while Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese have developed their own networks, usually based on karaoke bars and restaurants. Manila, Cebu City, Subic Bay and Pasay City are also major sex destinations.

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