In recent times between 2013  and 2019 when William Ruto served as Deputy  President, he has shot  from being  a pauper  to  a billionaire.  By  Kenyan currency,  Ruto  is  estimated  by many pundits  and scientists as having more than 400 Billion Shillings in his  several bank accounts, alongside money hidden  in mattresses,  other monies hidden in physical  pits  in Karen   where his Nairobi home is situated.

As a result of this wanton theft of  public resources,  Kenyans from  various  walks of  lives are still  asking themselves why the man  from Sugoi is obsessed with stealing hard earned taxes. Is the  guy  suffering from Kleptomania?  I don’t think so,  this man  is not  suffering  from any mental  condition that makes  him   want to steal  every  coin in public domain. As someone who  has served in Kibaki government,  I can easily give you an answer to this puzzle. William  Ruto has a vision and a  mission,  I guess you understand what these two words mean, but anyway,  a vision is a longtime plan,  a  mission is a short-time plan that  must also be  achieved  in order  for a vision to be realized.

William Ruto’s  vision and  Mission lie in  Politics, he wants to be a president of Kenya through hook and crook, his mission is to become president in 2022,  after that,he will embark on realizing his vision which is also  his evil  agenda. The evil  agenda of this man who once slept of hunger while growing up is to become  Kenya’s life president, he wants to rule Kenya  forever, whether he will realize  this or not is non  of my business, my business is to expose this man and his stealing antics.

You see,  Africa is a very poor continent, and  Kenya is in Africa-Most politicians in this dark continent bribe their way to apex offices, and they usually want to remain  there by hook  and crook,  by Killing, shortchanging political deals and  by sponsoring civil wars among different factions.  To  achieve  all  this, one  needs a lot of  idle  money, or  money which  is easy to get  as long as one is  in power.

William Ruto is  stealing public money not to get rich  but hopes to seize political control  and hold unto it  forever. He  is  planning  to sponsor violence against other communities  and  hope to benefit from the skirmishes,  this  man having been a minister in  Moi Government, believes that political power can be bought by currencies. Our only hopes is forgovernment to stop  him and his plans by completely masking his plans, or by arresting and  locking him  up then Keys to wherever he  is locked thrown  in  the  deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench.



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