Waiguru:Corrupt MCAs should just be caned to avoid wasting court’s time


Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru has blamed Members of County Assemblies for propagating corruption in the counties. The Governor has threatened to name corrupt MCAs in Kirinyaga County by next week.

“It is absurd that the people who should be working to ensure devolution is a success are messing up everything. Maybe public caning is the right punishment for corrupt MCAs” Waiguru said.

Governor Waiguru blames the judiciary for delaying justice whenever dealing with cases of corrupt. “A  case involving corruption will take many years to be concluded in our courts of law.This is why people don’t fear looting from the public kitty.To stop wasting courts time,we must come out with other means of ending the corruption monster” she added.

Governor Waiguru had received criticisms from Martha Karua after 172 million shillings disappeared from the county budget. Karua described Waiguru as the 21st Century scam urging the government to arrest her.

Waiguru has dismissed Martha Karua’s accusations threatening to sue her for defamation. “Our opponents are always politicking.It is time we embrace the spirit of handshake and work to achieve maximum development” she quipped.

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