“Willy Paul is a fraud. illuminati ALERT


Regarding the claim, Willy Paul denied the, and pointed out that he is not God to take away person’s life.
See what Willy Paul had to say about the issue.
· “willy.paul.msafi
This is the last one from today’s burial. A short video clip.. bye bye @val_smilley Till we meet again. Your death has changed alot of things… but God is never wrong.. though it was so hard to believe that you was the one in that white coffin. Nothing’s changed about you.. you was still beautiful as usual even In ur dead body. I’ve really tried to make it look like a dream, that I’ve tried waking up from.. but the truth is ur really gone.. gone for real Val. Lala salama and say hi to my Father his name is Paul Radido.. Just incase you see him”.
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· willy_lenix
So sad?
· anifa_jijey_greens
Take heart
· brian_cassper
May she find peace as she rest besides the protection of the Holy Father
· sharon2060
Poleni sana
· kelvin_codenser
So sad bro @poze
· ciru_johnson
Kindly stop posting this thing’s aki ziko heart breaking
· corylbt
· verahnyabonyi
· icon_254
May her soul rest in peace…. Inalillahi waina ilahi rajiun ……??????????
· official_rayza254
But who was she? An artiste,comedian,anchor or who?
· faith.langat.790
R.I.P to valary Willy…may God be with you at this time of hardship
· gminjosh
I knw what its like to lose sam1 am xorry bro, may Valary rest in peace
· mercymutheu157
May her soul rest in peace
· zion_njeri
· graceymorris97
· chiddah_vee
Rip Vall ???
· perisw47
Choose your words wisely Willy Paul , you might not mean to offend anyone but words are poorly combined.
· creoonessy
@perisw47 wat do you mean
· sue_sheila
· leahgichira
@perisw47 I agree with you…see now another dancer is no more
· iam_tonny_
What else do you expect from a Willy who is possesed, illuminati buda haisaidii. TRUTH be told,, Acha kupeana sacrifice in the name of having dancers.
· mwiticarolyne
Pole Willy??.. everything happens for a reason..may God give you strength to be strong.
· koech778
Willy paul stop blackmailing kenyans and stop giving out innocent souls
· alex_kefa
Willy possessed Mchafu the pretender who sings nothing for nothing.hizo zako ni kelele hata bar wakicheza customers wanahama biz inaangunka,you’re simply a jinx…



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