Zambian president praises Duterte as a complete man and names a public road after him


President Edgar Lungu of the Republic of Zambia has named a public road in Lusaka after President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Edgar Lungu has showered praises on Duterte describing him as a complete man whom all leaders should emulate.

“President Duterte of the Philippines is a great man that means a lot to African nations. The road joining Lusaka town will be named after him as a way of honouring the right people in our society” President Edgar Lungu said.

Edgar Lungu says his relationship with the Philippines is growing each day as a result of President Duterte’s welcoming policies.He reveals that Zambia had been in the dark with the Philippines for a very long period of time because past leaders did not extend their hands towards Africa.

The Zambian leader has also stated that President Duterte’s war against drugs is something the world should support. He points out several cases of a youthful generation that has been spoiled by illegal drugs.

“It is so absurd for anyone to criticize the Philippines President for fighting the drug monster in his country. We will not sit back and watch our people being milked dry by drug cartels.Zambia needs to welcome any move barring drugs from circulating in the country anyhow” Lungu explained.

The Zambian  President is set to visit the Philippines early next month in an effort to boost trade relations between the two countries. African countries have shown interests of partnering with Asian countries unlike in the past where the West had dominated everything in the black continent.China is the leading trade giant in Africa.

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